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Eyepet PSP

23rd October 2009


During my placement year in university I mostly worked on Spanisch Buddy, however, I did a bit of work for an unnamed project for the PSP that didn’t end up seeing the light of day. I was tasked with creating a dynamic implementation for the UI provided by Spiral House’s art department.

After finishing my placement I received a message from the technical director informing me that my UI code had been utilised for Eyepet PSP. This was a pleasant surprise but also means I have the dubious honour of having worked on a game I didn’t know I was working on.

Spanisch Buddy

4th September 2009

Nintendo DS

One of the reasons I chose to attend university at Liverpool John Moores was the idea that it was a sandwich course. As important as university was for my future career, I felt that industry experience would be vital. I spent my 3rd year of university at Spiral House in Liverpool. A long-standing, well thought of studio headed by North West gaming veterans.

Through my year of working for Spiral House I was for the most part working on a game for the Nintendo DS called Spanisch Buddy. Spanisch Buddy is a language training aimed at teaching the basics of Spanish to the end user. The game was sold in Germany, France and Italy, but not the UK.

My main duties were creating a hangman style minigame, UI work, search functionality in the dictionary feature and creating an autotest algorithm.