About Me – Professional

As a professional in the games industry I have worked a wide range of positions. I’ve worked the following positions so far in my career:

  • Game mechanics and gameplay programming
  • C++ programmer on multiple handheld, console platforms as well as PC
  • Java, CSS and HTML programmer on a browser game
  • In-house scripting when script department was short of staff (in addition to my C++ workload)
  • Technical requirements checklist QA tester

This has lead to a need for adaptability and quick learning. Comfortable working under my own volition but equally as happy as part of a team.

I am familiar and comfortable with a large amount of software and hardware due to my varying tasks over the years.

  • IDE – Visual Studio (up to 2017), Eclipse & CodeWarrior
  • Version Control – SVN, Perforce & Accurev
  • Engines – Several in-house & UE4
  • Dev Tools – Sony Neighbour, Microsoft XDK, Nintendo Dev Interface
  • Dev Kits – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Vita, PSP