Late Shift Format QA Tester at Sony

August to September (2010 & 2011)

I worked this position on a temporary 3 month contract as a late shift tester leading up to the Christmas period.

My main tasks were to find, reproduce and report bugs, crashes and lock-ups to my team leader, who in turn passed it on to the shift lead.

Reproducing a bug speedily was vital in this job, as we only had access to each game for a short amount of time. With the games being tested so close to release, we needed to work well as a team and come up with swift yet effective testing plans as quick as we could.

After someone on my team left after just 1 day of the job, I was often used as the spare tester and spent almost everyday as part of a new team. I needed to adjust quickly to new team members to make sure we could work as an efficient unit.

I really enjoyed my time in this job and would have continued to the end of my contract if I hadn’t have been offered a place with a company offering a more stable contract.

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