Castaways Gallery


First location in the game

Beach - First location in the game

This is the completed version of the entry point of the game. Welcome to the Beach



UI for the activities

Rearranging the Activity Panels, as seen here, was one of my first tasks



Friend information popup

Another one of my UI tasks. Here we have the friend card that popups when you click on someone’s name badge. The items found criteria was a suggested addition by me, because users of casual games tend to like to have full sets of a finite item in their games.



Item switch

This is an example of the drag and drop library I integrated into Castaways. Very useful for rearranging your inventory. Sadly it doesn’t serve much of a purpose in the game, because the accompanying feature was never added.



Lucky breaks popup

This was my last task at the company. I spent much of the final day redesigning the Lucky break feature, as it wasn’t at all clear what was going on.






I do not own the rights to any images on this page. However I do have permission to use them from Setgo Games.

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